Volantex Compass 2.4G RTR 650mm Sailing Boat VT791-1

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  • 650mm class designed for RG65 competition
  • Perfect size for transportation and fun
  • Waterproof design for electric equipment
  • RTR ready to run
  • ABS moulding which is durable and smooth

The Racent COMPASS 650mm sailboat provides Compass 01entry-level sailboating enthusiasts with the perfect model when entering the hobby. The COMPASS comes 95% prebuilt, requiring little preparation time to hit the water. Dont let the small size fool you, with features like a mini-sail winch servo and a 2.4GHz radio system allowing enthusiasts to easily and affordably get into the hobby.

The sailboats intricately-designed hull is made from blow-molded ABS plastic for added strength, durability and great looks. The models small size provides ease of use, allows users to run the model in fairly small bodies of water and makes transporting the model easy.

The boat comes pre-rigged and -assembled with the only requirement of the user being to install the 4 AA receiver batteries and 4 AA transmitter batteries (not included). In less than 5 minutes youll be ready to hit the water and begin your journey into the serene world of RC sailboating.

Technical specification
Lenght: 65cm (25.6 in)
Width: 13.5cm (5.3 in)
Weight: 1300g
Servo: 17-gram Servo * 1pcs , 3kg winch servo*1pcs
Batteries: 2 x 4pcs AA Battery for boat and Transmitter ( not included )
Radio: 2.4GHz marine radio system
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience level: Beginer
Recommended Environment: Pool
Is Assembly Required: Yes

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