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Team Associated TC7 Factory Team Front Anti-Roll Bar Set. Anti-roll bars are only effective during roll (when the chassis leans from side to side when cornering). Because of this they isolate a change in the suspension spring rate in the corners only, and can be a very useful tuning option.

Anti-roll bars stiffen the spring rate of the suspension during roll movements when cornering. The larger the roll bar wire, the stiffer the spring rate will be in roll. The list below shows the available anti-roll bar sizes (as well as their corresponding colors) from the softest on the top, to the stiffest on the bottom. The standard setup with a blue front anti-roll bar (1.4mm) and a white rear anti-roll bar (1.2mm), is a balanced starting point.

Changing the size of the front or rear anti-roll bars can help to make the chassis more consistent through the corner. Decreasing the size of the front anti-roll bars will help to increase mid-corner steering, but will tend to be less stable in sweepers. This is a typical setup for smaller tracks with tighter turns. Increasing the size of the front anti-roll bars will give more stability in the sweepers, and is better for larger tracks with high speed corners. Increasing the size of the rear ant-roll bars will help add stability into and through the corner in high traction conditions, but can make the car inconsistent in low traction, or bumpy, surfaces.

Roll Bar Sizes:
  • Green 1.1mm (included)
  • White 1.2mm (included)
  • Gray 1.3mm (included)
  • Blue 1.4mm (not included)
  • Yellow 1.5mm (not included)

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