Freewing Landing Gear Steering Arm Type B - Metal

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Note:This steering arm does not fit the V2 T-45. The hole is too small for the larger pin. Drilling would be required if you still wish to purchase if you have the V2 version of the T-45.

This is an upgraded part used in the following FlightLine and Freewing aircraft:

  • 1400mm OV-10
  • 1600mm P-38
  • 2000mm B-24
  • F-15 90mm
  • F-104 90mm
  • F-16 90mm
  • F-18 90mm
  • Stinger 90
  • T-45 (V1 version only)
  • A-4 80mm
  • Mig-21 80mm
  • Me262 70mm
  • Su-35 70mm
  • L-39 80mm
  • T-33 80mm
  • Venom 90mm
  • Yak-130 90mm

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