Freewing AL37 Airliner " Blue Tail " Twin 70mm EDF Jet PNP Version FJ31513P

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This version of the AL37 Airliner does not come with the decals pre-applied (Just the tail). However, the full decal set is included in the box. This version is intended for customers who wish to customize their airliner graphics. "

- Beautiful, scale outline both static and in the skies.

- Giant scale, yet lightweight with docile flying characteristics.

- 11 LED light system throughout the airframe.

- 4 screw wing assembly makes for easier transport.

- Removable winglets with MWS slotting system.

- Scale aluminum suspension struts.

- Nacelles easily removed with 3 screws.

- Scale flap system.

- Material: Durable EPO Foam

- Wingspan : 1830mm (72.0in)

- Length : 2,000mm (78.7in)

- Flying weight: 3,350g ( Without Battery )

- Servo: 6 x 9g Digital Metal Gear Servo , 4 x 9g Hybrid Digital Metal Gear Servo (Installed)

- Landing Gear : Electric Retract Landing Gear With Metal Suspension Strut (Installed)

- Ducted Fan: 70mm Ducted Fan , 12 Blade x 2 (Installed)

- Motor: 2952 2100Kv Inrunner Brushless Motor x 2 (Installed)

- ESC: 60A Brushless ESC x 2 , 8A UBEC x 1 (Installed)

- Battery: 22.2v 4000mAh - 6000mAh 45C (Not Include)

- Radio: 6 - 9Ch (Not Include)

(Oversize Box - $70 Shipping cost applies)

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